What No One Tells You To Do After a Cold

Sick womanYou finally kicked that nasty cough to the curb that laid you out for a week, but the germs in your home will linger around for a few more days if you don’t act quickly and prevent another cold from coming on.

Here are a few things you should to avoid being out of commission for another week.

Wash your hands often

Whether it’s before and after you eat, after you shake someone’s hand, after you sneeze or cough, or after riding public transit, you should keep your hands as germ-free as possible.  These are the same germs that can make you sick all over again.

Sanitize hard surfaces

Your hands are responsible for spreading cold and flu germs, and hard surfaces in your home are the main victims.  Sanitizing your home is a household task you should perform regularly, especially after a cold.

Be sure to take disinfecting wipes to regularly contacted but rarely cleaned household areas and items such as:

  • TV remote controls
  • Doorknobs
  • Kitchen counters
  • Light-switches and light-switch plates
  • Phones (landlines and cell phones)

Change your toothbrush

After having any contagious illness, you should toss your toothbrush and replace it with a new one.  Your toothbrush is a necessity to remove plaque and bacteria for healthy gums and teeth, but failing to replace your toothbrush after a cold can harvest a breeding ground for bacteria that can get you sick again.

Change your pillowcase

Changing your sheets and pillow cases are a must, for the obvious reason that you’ve probably spent a lot of time bedridden, with your sheets and pillowcases bearing the brunt of your runny nose and sweaty chest.  Throw your sheets in the washer to kill the bacteria that’s been living on your bedding while you were sick, or use this time to buy some new sheets!

Take it easy

It may be tempting to get right back to work after being out for a week, but your body is still in recovery mode, and doing too much too quickly can land you right back in your bed.  

And when you’re stressed out from sorting through your emails, your body releases hormones that can weaken your immune system.  With your immune system already vulnerable after a cold, you don’t want to make yourself susceptible to a relapse.

Walk into your workday after being out on the mend with ease, and if you’re really not feeling up to par, call in sick if you need to.  Your coworkers will thank you.

Cold and Flu Treatment at Synergy Immediate Care

At Synergy Immediate Care, we are here to make sure that your cold and flu-like symptoms don’t get the best of you!  We treat a number of upper respiratory illnesses such as:

  • Colds
  • Influenza (the “flu”)
  • Sinus Infections
  • Strep Throat
  • Bronchitis
  • Laryngitis
  • And more

Visit us when you’re sick and we’ll help get you feeling back to 100% in no time! Call us at 703-942-5331 to schedule an appointment today.

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