What Makes Running So Effective for Weight Loss?

April 17th marks the arrival of Marathon Monday, which, for Bostonians is recognized as a state holiday in recognition of the Boston Marathon. This means that most children have the day off from school, while the majority of people who work in the city either take the day off or work from home. This annual event celebrates the Boston Marathon, which stands as the Nation’s oldest, and therefore, original marathon.

To celebrate this, we have decided to educate our followers by sharing with them the following health and weight-loss tips, which stem from a regular workout regimen that includes a healthy dose of running. Below are 4 benefits of running that will help you lose weight fast and effectively.

Nothing Beats the Convenience of Running

While workouts in the modern age are saturated with expensive exercise machines and gimmicky gadgets that supposedly track your progress, all you need to run are a pair of nice running shoes and a safe, and preferably, scenic place to run. This means you have no excuses the next time you take a vacation or your boss requires you to travel out-of-state. Just remember your running shoes and visit the hotel gym – no gadgets or apps required!

Running Takes Very Little Time to Burn a Lot of Calories

City dwellers often refrain from exercise due to the inconvenience of working out in the city. Many people simply hate going to the gym, as they may feel awkward or intimidated by their peers at the gym. With over-crowdedness at the gym, getting a good workout can also take a long time, considering you may need to wait a while before certain equipment’s available. This can be avoided by running, as you only need to run for a short time in order to burn a considerable amount of calories. Just a 15-minute run can help you burn over 100 calories.

Enjoy the Runner’s High Afterwards

In addition to the health benefits, if you ask the most die-hard runners why they enjoy running, they’ll likely mention the “runner’s high”. This “runner’s high” is felt after any kind of exercise, but evokes an especially strong sensation in runners, due to the release of endorphins following a long workout. The endorphins trigger an intense and euphoric sensation that leaves runner with a feeling of bliss, that has them wanting more.

Running Burns Fat with Ease

Your body burns fat when it oxidizes your body’s fat and uses it as a source of energy in lieu of carbohydrates. This can be described as an aerobic process, seeing as it breaks down your body’s fat with the help of oxygen. Your pace can affect the amount of fat you burn, as a slower, and perhaps longer run can help you burn more fat. Yet, a shorter, but much more intense workout will help build muscle. Start with whatever you feel most comfortable with. Some people may excel at running quickly but for short distances, while others are built for cross-country running.

Here at Synergy Immediate Care, we offer weight-loss health services and can provide you with primary care medical services. If you’re looking to jump into an intense workout routine that includes lots of running, visit our center first as it’s important to know about your own health before starting something so rigorous.

Walk into our center Monday-Saturday or call us at 703-942-5331. We look forward to helping you see the intense benefits of running!

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