What are Skin Lesions? How Can You Treat Skin Lesions?

Skin lesions can be potentially scary and terrifying if you’re not sure where they originated from. Many patients may not be aware of what skin lesions exactly are and how they can get optimal treatment for any lesions.

The American Society for Dermatological Surgery explains that skin lesions are benign bumps, lumps, ulcers, moles, or sores that suddenly appear on the human body. A majority of skin lesions aren’t an indicator of a more significant disease. However, some lesions may signal a more serious illness such as skin cancer.

So what should you know about skin lesion treatment? How can you ensure that you are getting the appropriate treatment for any suddenly noticed spots, moles, or other lesions?

Where should I go to diagnose or identify the cause of a skin lesion?

Most patients should visit their primary care provider before determining their next medical decision. A primary care provider can help patients ensure that their next medical appointments can help address the root cause of a skin lesion.

In many cases, patients will also want to see a dermatologist to remove any skin lesions that a PCP doesn’t handle. A dermatologist specializes in skin treatment and lesion removal. However, some medical facilities can help remove unwanted benign skin lesions if necessary. For example, Synergy Immediate Care’s providers are well versed in performing cryotherapy for seborrheic keratoses and warts, among other things.

If you’re unsure about the source of your skin lesions make sure you take the following steps:

  • Consult your primary care provider or a trusted medical professional about the color, placement, and physical characteristics of your lesion.
  • Review your previous medical history to see if you have a genetic or hereditary predisposition for any skin lesions.
  • Plan on visiting your primary care provider and share any information with them about physical characteristics of your lesions.

Where can I get skin lesion treatment in Tysons VA?

Any patient that may need updated skin lesion treatment should visit Synergy Immediate Care in Tysons, VA for diagnosis and removal of most skin lesion types.

Our urgent care staff and primary care providers can assist your skin lesion treatment in the following ways:

  • Patients can visit our walk-in clinic to get treatment for services and have our primary care teams diagnose the source of your lesions.
  • Based on the source of your skin lesions, our team of primary and urgent care providers can administer skin lesion treatment or removal when you need it.
  • After treatment, medical staff at Synergy Immediate Care will help you coordinate treatment and next steps to ensure your lesions heal properly.

If you have questions about our treatment options, or need care ASAP, call us at 703-942-5331!

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