Things You Touch Throughout the Day

Many surfaces that you come into contact with throughout the day are covered with germs, and when you really think about it, so are you.

Here are several germy surfaces that you touch on a daily basis:

  1. Your Purse/Backpack: Putting your purse or backpack on the ground may be the most convenient thing to do in the moment, but the floors and ground you walk on is covered in germs and bacteria that’s now on the bottom of your purse or backpack.

  2. Your Wallet: Cash and cards pick up a plethora of germs from hand-to-hand contact.  If you keep your wallet in your pocket, your wallet is close to body temperature, which is ideal for bacteria to breed.

  3. Remote Control: The next time you settle in for some late-night TV shows, be sure to keep your hand out of the popcorn bowl if you’ve been flicking through some channels.  The remote control is probably the number one object in your home that you don’t even think to disinfect.

  4. Doors/Handles: From the door to your home, to your car door, to your office door, you touch a number of doorknobs and handles that other people have, too.  Germs from these doors get transferred to the body from touching your face with your fingers.  Some alternatives include using your knuckle or elbow, or waiting for someone to open the door for you.

  5. Gym Equipment: Gyms and yoga studios vary in how often they disinfect their equipment.  For any gym activity, be sure to wipe down the equipment before and after use with a disinfecting agent, and wash your hands after your workout session.

  6. Shopping Carts: Unless you brought your reusable bags, you’re probably using the frequently used shopping cart that is not only carrying your groceries, but is also carrying germs from other shoppers.

  7. Your Phone: Countless studies have been conducted to monitor cell phone use, so you probably couldn’t even count the number of times throughout the day that you touch your phone.  After touching the above surfaces, your phone has collected all those germs, and if you’re not using a headset or earplugs, those germs from your screen are now on your face.  Yuck!

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