The Importance of Vaccinations


You know the importance of eating a well-balanced diet, getting enough sleep, flossing your teeth and wearing a seatbelt, but do you know why it’s important to stay up to date with your vaccinations?

For more than 50 years, immunization has saved millions of lives and prevented countless illnesses, infections, and disabilities that have once swept the nation.  Vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles, mumps, whooping cough, and influenza still pose a threat if you forgo getting vaccinated.

Here are 5 important reasons why you should make sure you receive recommended vaccinations and how they keep you healthy.

Immunizations can save your life.

Because of advances in medicine, you’re protected against more diseases than ever before.  Some diseases that have once killed thousands of people have been eliminated completely, or are close to extinction, due to effective vaccines.  An example of one of those diseases is polio, which was once America’s most-feared disease, causing paralysis and even death, but no longer poses a threat thanks to vaccinations.

Vaccinations are safe and effective.

While vaccines may involve some pain and discomfort at the injection site, it is minimal in comparison to the pain and discomfort these vaccines prevent.  Side effects following vaccines are very rare, but the disease-prevention benefits of getting vaccines are much greater than suffering from the possible rare side effects.

Immunizations not only protects you, but it protects others you care about.

While many babies are too young to be protected against vaccination, others may not be able to get vaccinations due to weakened immune systems or suffer from severe allergies.  To keep those around you who are susceptible to illness and infection, it’s important that you and your family who are able to get vaccinated are fully immunized. This not only protects you, but it also helps prevent the spread of these diseases.

Immunization protects future generations.

Vaccines have been known to reduce, and in some cases completely eliminate, many diseases that have once killed or disabled people a few generations ago.  Cases of diseases like smallpox and polio are no longer heard of due to vaccinations. If we continue vaccinating, future generations will no longer be affected by diseases that have once been fatal.

Immunization is required by many schools and colleges, as well as workplaces.

Education is one of the great equalizers and a means for people to get ahead in life. Many school systems and universities won’t allow you to enroll, however, unless you’ve had your full complement of childhood vaccinations. Universities require meningococcal vaccine before letting students live in dormitories. Even many jobs require their workers to get certain vaccines, such as hepatitis B, before getting hired.


Vaccinations at Synergy Immediate Care

Now that you understand the importance of getting vaccinated, now is the time to do so.  At Synergy Immediate Care, our medical practice provides a range of vaccines to help keep you and your family.  

Click here for a full list of vaccines we provide.

For more information about vaccinations, or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at 703-942-5331.

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