Stay safe decorating for the holidays

The holiday season is one of the most beautiful times of the year. One of the best parts of the holiday season is to decorate your home. However, you have to be careful when decorating! The holidays are one of the more dangerous time of the year due to weather conditions, the weight of certain decorations (trees, boxes, etc), & the hectic traffic in public areas. We have some tips for you that will help you be safe this holiday season!

Watch out for your lights

Hanging lights all over your house & shrubbery can prove to make your home glow with a festive tone. You will want to make sure that the lights that you are putting around your house & outside are made to be decoration lights. The box that lights come in are marked with their wattage & their primary use, so this would be a good thing to look out for the next time you go shopping. You should also consider using LED lights; these lights have a cooler glow & are way more durable outside! These lights will reduce the risk of indoor electrical fires & outdoor sparks flying because of broken lights from the weather. If you are content with the lights you already have, make sure to check them! Older lights can have damaged or missing bulbs in them that can be hard to spot.

Watch out for black ice

December temperatures can be brutal & at nightfall sometimes temperatures can drop below the freezing point. This opens up the potential for black ice to form. This can lead to car accidents & slipping on cement sidewalks. To avoid injury especially while decorating for the holidays. An excellent way to prevent black ice is to pay attention to the weather & salt down your driveway & in front of your house, so you are not surprised by black ice in the morning.

Lift heavy objects with caution

If you are lifting a tree or a box full of ornaments, please proceed with caution. Heavy objects that are bulky should always be lifted with someone else, so you are not trying to distribute all the weight on your own. If you lift using only your upper body, then you run the risk of injuring your back. When you lift heavy objects, you should always use your legs!

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you have injured yourself while decorating, please free to call us at 703-942-5331!

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