How to Prepare for Sport & Camp Physicals

child receives physical exam for sport and camp physical

Summer is just around the corner, which means you’ll want to make sure that your child has their sport and camp physicals up-to-date.

Every year, your child is likely to need a new sport physical or camp physical before participating in any recreational activities. Many parents may not understand why these physicals are important,
though. Additionally, parents may also not be entirely sure how they can save time when getting their child an updated physical.

Here is what you should know about sport and camp physicals to ensure your child’s summer starts off without a hitch!

Sport and camp physicals ensure your child has a safe recreational experience!

The main purpose of any updated sport or camp physical is to see if your child is healthy enough to participated in certain activities. Without an updated physical your child is likely not able to participate in most sports and athletic-centered programs.

This is because recreational staff including coaches, camp counselors, trainers, and similar professionals reference the information from sports physicals to ensure all children are safe.

A sports or camp physical evaluates if your child has certain risks or medical conditions that could put them in danger during certain activities. Physicals also cover conditions including long-standing medical ailments like allergies and asthma, which may present increased symptoms during certain sporting or summer camp activities.

Your child can receive an updated physical at a doctor’s office, walk-in clinic, or urgent care center. Before you choose a provider make sure you are prepared with the following information:

  • A updated history of your child’s vaccinations
  • Any long-term health complications your child has and any medications they need to control symptoms
  • Any recent health or developmental concerns after the time of your child’s last annual physical
  • Any additional health information that could impact your child’s safety during physical activity

Where you should get your child an updated physical? Try Synergy Immediate Care

Many parents may assume that you need to go to a primary care office to get an updated sport or camp physical. However, it is important to know that urgent care centers and walk-in clinics also provide these physicals without the need for an appointment.

Parents and their children can visit a walk-in clinic, wait a few minutes, and get their physical completed in just a few minutes. The benefit of getting a sport or camp physical completed at an urgent care center includes convenience as well as oftentimes lower costs compared to similar facilities.

Any patient located in Tysons, VA can complete sport and camp physicals at Synergy Immediate Care through both primary care and urgent care services! Our team of primary care providers and urgent care staff help patients of all types get their sport physicals up-to-date!

Don’t let a delayed physical get in the way of your child’s summer fun! Take the time to schedule an exam that will help your kid have the best possible summer!

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