Measles is now one of the most problematic public health crises in the U.S. According to the Centers for Disease Control there are now over 704 confirmed cases of the measles in the country.

In order to protect your child from a measles infection it helps to make sure they get an updated vaccination. An updated measles vaccine builds your child’s immunity to the disease and protects a child for most of their lifetime.

So what do you need to know about measles vaccines and safety?

Why are Measles cases increasing in 2019?

Measles cases have continued to climb because of three significant factors, according to the CDC:

The number of unvaccinated children – The number of children without measles vaccines has climbed in the U.S because of stronger anti-vaccination campaigns (anti-vaxxers) on social media and other media platforms. Even though myths about the dangers of vaccines aren’t true, such as the disproved link between measles and autism, many people believe vaccines are dangerous.

The World Health Organization also stated that anti-vaccination campaigns on social media are one of the 10 most dangerous global health threats.

Increased number of international travelers – The CDC also found that more people traveling to and from the U.S to measles-prone countries is a factor contributing to measles cases. Other countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa still see measles as a common public health issue, which means that travelers from those countries can spread the disease.

Widespread measles in populations with unvaccinated citizens– A community with just a few unvaccinated members, either children or adults, can spread the disease rapidly. Densely populated communities with just a few unvaccinated members have the highest risk of measles transmission.

However, rural communities that have even a couple of measles cases may see upticks in infections.

Get vaccinated at Synergy Immediate Care

The best way to prevent your child from getting the measles is to schedule an appointment at Synergy Immediate Care for a vaccination.

The Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) vaccine is the best way to ensure your child is protected from the spread of measles in your community. Additionally, medical experts recommend that your child should get updated measles vaccinations during their early childhood.

If you want to review your child’s vaccination history, speak with your primary care provider. You may also want to check your own immunization titers. Unfortunately, vaccines sometimes “wear off” and the circulating antibody levels drop over time. So if either you or your child needs an updated MMR vaccine, or if you want to get bloodwork done to check your MMR titers, then contact Synergy Immediate Care at 703-942-5331 or schedule an appointment online!