Lab Testing Services in Tysons, VA

Synergy Immediate Care participates with an On-Site Laboratory service, furthering our goal of delivering patient-centered medical care. Our participation allows us to provide more efficient care, deliver faster results and administer better healthcare overall. Below is a scope of the services that the lab can provide.


Providing clinical laboratory services in:

  • Hematology

  • General Chemistry

  • Immunology

  • Virology

  • Microbiology

  • Molecular Diagnostics

  • Anatomic Pathology

Ability to conduct various tests, including, but not limited to:

  • General Health Panel

  • OB Panel

  • Cultures (Blood, Sputum, Throat, Urine, Wound, & more)

  • Interstitial Cystitis (Broth Culture)

  • Annual Routine Blood Tests

    • ​Complete Blood Count, w/ Differential

    • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

    • Lipid Panel

    • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

    • Urine Analysis

    • PSA (male only)

lab test

For more information about our lab testing services, or to book an appointment, please call us at 703-942-533.