Is Your Child All Ready For Summer Camp?

Each year, millions of American children spend their summer vacation at summer camp. Most camps will present children with a countless number of fun activities, such as sports, fishing, hiking, and canoeing. To ensure each child is healthy enough to participate, camp programs will require each camper to undergo a camp physical prior to the start of camp.

To help make sure your child’s ready to go to summer camp, we’ve put this helpful guide together:

Make Sure Your Child Brings Sunscreen

If your child’s going to an overnight camp, the camp will almost certainly have an abundance of sunscreen available for the campers. But just to make sure your child has sunscreen accessible to them at all times, pack them a travel-sized sunscreen bottle. This means that if they’re on a long hike or kayaking, they’ll have sunscreen easily accessible.

Of course, simply packing your child sunscreen doesn’t guarantee that they will actually use the sunscreen. Try to illustrate the importance of using sunscreen to them without using scare tactics.

Pack Healthy Lunches

For children going to day camps, it’s usually up to the parents to provide lunch for their child. If this is the case with your child’s summer camp, try to pack them at least one serving of a fruit or vegetable in every meal. Also, try to avoid packing them yogurt that comes in a tube – counselors hate opening this and these brands of yogurt are generally unhealthy.

Also, refrain from packing your child fruit juice or soda with their lunch. If your child insists on having a beverage that’s not milk or water, pack them a sports drink as your child should be active enough at camp that they can enjoy these carbohydrate-replenishing drinks.

Make Sure Their Counselors Are Aware of Their Medical Needs

If your child has any allergies, such as a bee or peanut allergies, it’s important for relay this to the camp and their counselors. It’s also wise to provide your camp’s counselors with your child’s EpiPen. Most camps will provide their counselors with Epipen training so they will have the confidence to appropriately respond to your child’s medical need in a timely manner.

Lastly, make sure your child undergoes a camp physical prior to starting their camp. Visit us at Synergy Immediate Care anytime between Monday and Saturday during our extensive hours of operation – no appointment necessary.

For more information, call us at 703-942-5331 or stop in and we’ll make sure your child’s ready to enjoy their summer!

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