How to Make this March Madness a Healthy One

March Madness has officially begun. For millions of Americans, this time of the year means the arrival of perhaps the most exciting tournament in all of the sports. The NCAA Basketball Tournament is marked by historic upsets, fast-paced play, and workplace brackets, allowing everyone to tap into the exhilaration of college basketball.

Unfortunately, March Madness can also be an incredibly unhealthy time of the year for us, as many watches these games at sports bars while drinking beer and enjoying bar food. During March Madness, Americans consume an estimated 120 million chicken wings and 220 million gallons of beer. That’s a TON (or several) of empty calories.

Of course, we’re not here to tell you to abstain from these things, as we enjoy these activities as well, but we do have some tips on how to make your March Madness not too unhealthy:

Compensate For Your Unhealthy Meals at the Bar by Eating MUCH Healthier During Your Other Meals

The sports bar may be the best place to watch March Madness. The energy inside a sports bar during these games is unrivaled – besides maybe inside the arena. But with bar food comes high-fat content.

While you’re not at a sports bar during March Madness, make sure you’re eating considerably healthy meals. Eat a healthy mix of fruits and vegetables during every meal and avoid fried foods if you plan on eating chicken wings or french fries later.

Drink Water In-Between Beers

With games on until late at night, going to work the next day tired, or even worse, hungover, can be a miserable experience. While drinking an excessive amount of alcohol is never a good thing, it’s wise, no matter how much you drink, to have a glass of water in between alcoholic beverages.

This will help prevent you from being dehydrated and will, therefore, make you more lucid and less prone to developing a headache.

Exercise Frequently During March Madness

If you’re an absolute die-hard basketball fanatic and just can’t find the time to go to the gym during March Madness, not a problem! Just try being more active while you’re at work or school; take the stairs instead of the elevator or try biking to work.

Also, during timeouts and half-time, you’ll have plenty of time to do push-ups and sit-ups. We all know how long the final two minutes of the game are in basketball, so you’ll have no excuses.

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We look forward to helping you enjoy your (healthy) March Madness!

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