How to Make Allergy Season Less Severe For Your Children

For 30 million Americans, allergy season can be unbearable. This time of the year can be confusing and even more aggravating for children, as many cannot grasp what’s happening to them during these spring months.

The following health tips can help make sure your child enjoys their spring with minimal symptoms from their allergy symptoms:

Educate Your Child About Spring Allergies

If your child suffers from allergies, your child will suffer from a variety of symptoms that may scare them, especially if they believe they’re suffering from an illness. Make sure you explain to them that what they’re experiencing is normal and that there’s nothing wrong with them.

Make Sure They Practice Healthy Hygiene Habits 

Because pollen is resistant, and easily permeates clothing, it’s important to make sure your child is frequently washing their hands and washing their clothes. By washing their hair everyday, they will also be ensuring that their cleaning the pollen out of their hair, further removing allergens from your home.

Keep Your House Tidy

By just having the door or window open, pollen easily enters your home, which makes it even more difficult for your child to escape allergies. By vacuuming, dusting and washing the floors at your home, you will be further protecting your child from spring allergies.

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