How To: Keep Your Kids Safe on the Playground

swingsThe playground is a great place to not only get your child outside to release some energy and enjoy the fresh air, but it’s also a place for your child to develop crucial physical, social, and problem-solving skills.

Your little ones can do all sorts of fun things at the playground, from swinging on the swings, to sliding down the slide, and even playing tag.  And while playgrounds serve as an excellent source of fun, they can also be the cause of injuries. Most injuries that kids experience on the playground are minor scrapes and bruises, but more severe injuries such as a fractured bone or a concussion can happen, too.

By following these safety tips, you can lower your child’s risk of experiencing an injury at the playground.

Dress for Play

Make sure your kids are dressed comfortably and appropriately for the playground.  Playgrounds can be dirty and muddy, so dress them in clothing that you don’t care about getting stained or torn. You should also avoid loose-fitting clothing that could get caught on rails or posts, and remove or set aside loose articles that could cause strangulation such as necklaces, scarves, or helmets.

Make Sure the Playground is Safe

Before you let your kids loose for play, check out the playground to make sure the equipment is secure and free of any noticeable dangers such as broken glass, signs of rust, or loose/missing screws or bolts.  You should also make sure the playground has a safety surface of shock-absorbing material such as sand, gravel, wood chips, or mulch and stay away from playgrounds that have concrete, asphalt, or grassy surfaces.

Choose Age-Appropriate Playground Equipment

Another common reason why little ones get injured at playgrounds is because they are using equipment beyond their size or developmental level.  Some playgrounds have separate play areas for specific age groups, so seek a playground that is designed for your child’s age.

Be Mindful of the Weather

While a nice summer day is ideal for a day at the playground, some of the equipment that is made of metal, aluminum, or plastic can become hot enough to burn your child’s skin.  Test the equipment before play by pressing your hand on the object; if it feels too hot for you, it will be too hot for your child.

Keep Your Eyes on Your Kids

The best way to keep your kids safe at the playground is by monitoring them, especially toddler or preschool-aged.  If they do happen to get injured, you will be right there to respond to the injury.

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