How to Get Your Kids on A Back-To-School Sleep Schedule

As the school year approaches, parents may face a dilemma when it comes to getting their child off to sleep.

All summer long, your little one has probably been staying awake a little later and sleeping in a little longer. Caught up in the fun of summer, they probably disregarded their normal sleep schedule they had during the school year.

Once the school year starts, students may find themselves sleep-deprived.  This is due to not having a consistent sleep schedule throughout the summer, and now that their schedule switches back to school mode, they probably are not getting adequate sleep.

A lack of sleep can impact a child’s ability to learn as well as hinder their overall performance.

There are several strategies you can use when it comes to getting your kids back on track of a consistent sleep schedule:

  1. Set a Time: Set a standard household rising and sleeping time to ensure that your child will have a consistent sleeping schedule.

  2. Start Early: Starting a sleep routine prior to the school year is a great way of re-orienting your child’s sleep schedule to be ready to tackle on the school day.

  3. Turn Off Electronics: To help your kids wind down from their day, but sure to turn off electronics including TVs, video games, computers, and cell phones, so your child won’t be distracted when they go to bed.

  4. Set the Mood: Along with making sure the room is clear of distractions from electronics, set the tone for bedtime by dimming the lights and eliminating other noisy distractions.

  5. Practice What You Preach: The best way to get your kids to adopt good habits is to follow them yourself.  Make sure that you’re sticking with the program by having a back-to-school sleeping plan for the entire household.

Now that we’re about to enter the school year, it’s important to make sure your children are in good health before they hit the books!

Many schools require students to have a yearly checkup to ensure they are physically healthy and are not at risk for injuries.

At Synergy Immediate Care, we offer school physicals to optimize your child’s health for the entire school year.

Our comprehensive school physicals include:

  • Height, weight, and other vital signs

  • Vaccinations and immunizations

  • Preventative screening

  • Medical history review

  • Routine physical

For more information about our school physicals, be sure to contact one of our medical professionals at 703-942-5331.

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