How Often Should I Get a Physical?

You don’t smoke.  You drink occasionally.  You go to the gym at least three times a week.  You eat three well-balanced meals every day.  So, you’re “healthy,” right?

Every year growing up, your parents made sure to book an appointment with your pediatrician.  Now that you’re an adult and caught up in the humdrum of life, you forgo your yearly exam because you’re too busy to stay tuned in to your health, don’t engage in any activities that could put your health at risk.

Even though you may be physically active and live a seemingly healthy life, you could be living with an underlying medical condition that could cost you time and money if left unnoticed, all because you skipped your yearly physical.

Why should I get a physical?

A routine physical examination is a preventative measure to ensure that you stay in good health.

Physicals catch you up on necessary vaccinations, and can detect serious medical conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or even cancer.

How often should I get a physical?

You should have a regular, annual check-up with your primary care physician.  

It should go without saying that if you are managing a chronic health condition, even if it’s under control, you should visit your doctor as often as recommended or required.  But if past exams have indicated that you’re healthy, a yearly exam should suffice for updating immunizations and blood pressure checks.  

What will happen during my physical?

During a routine physical, your doctor will check your vitals including weight, heart rate, and blood pressure, as well as evaluate other body systems that could indicate health issues such as your heart, lungs, and abdomen.  

Your doctor will also order age-appropriate blood and other laboratory tests, as well as any required vaccines, to ensure that your health remains pristine.

After conducting regular health screenings, your doctor may refer you to a specialist if there is concern for any medical conditions that require further evaluation and care.

Where can I go for a physical?

At Synergy Immediate Care, we do more than just urgent care. Our primary care physicians administer physical examinations to monitor your health, providing services such as wellness exams, routine immunizations, and health screenings.

Start the year off right and get your physical administered at our center located in Tysons, VA.

Make an appointment by calling us at 703-942-5331!

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