Gut bacteria could be the reason why you can’t lose weight

The gut microbiome. Sounds like some sort of science experiment, doesn’t it?  Did you know that a number of bacteria on and in our bodies outnumbers actual human cells by more than nine times? The majority of those bacteria are in your gut, where 80 percent of your immune cells can also be found.

What if I told you that every aspect of your health is defined by the ecosystem that lives inside your belly? Scientists are using your microbiome to discover the answers to why we can’t lose weight (even when we eat all the right things and work out) and why we feel depressed (even when things are going extremely well in our lives).

Sounds intriguing, right? Recent research shows that the bacteria in our gut play a huge role in aspects like how well our metabolism is working, our moods (happy, sad, mad, anxious), and inflammation.

Our bodies contain trillions of bacteria (microorganisms) in our intestines; this is known as our gut flora. There are many functions for these living organisms, some include:

  • Helping the body to digest certain foods

  • Producing certain vitamins (B and K)

  • Helping to fight bad bacteria that comes into our bodies

  • Helping to keep our immune system strong

The composition of our intestinal flora evolves as we age and is influenced by environmental factors. If we develop a loss of balance in gut microbiota, this may lead to problems such as functional bowel disorders, allergies, obesity, and diabetes.

So in order to achieve greater health and longevity, we need to create a stable environment in our gut.

Still, need some convincing? Consider this:

Anxiety From Bad Bacteria

A study done by Oxford scientists on rats showed healthy probiotic supplementation that increases good bacteria gave the rats a significant decrease in anxiety symptoms after just three weeks. Our brain and body are interconnected, constantly sending messages to each other back and forth. If your body is in a state of homeostasis, your mind will feel more balanced and at ease.

Find out what feeds bad bacteria and kills good bacteria here.

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