flu vaccine

Seasonal Flu Shots in Tysons, VA

At Synergy Immediate Care, we only administer inactivated influenza vaccine because we believe it is the safest and least prone to causing side effects. It is safe for almost anyone to receive, from ages 4 and up. If you are pregnant or have a mild sickness currently, you can still safely receive the flu vaccine we carry.

Individuals we recommend receive an annual flu shot include:

  • Pregnant woman
  • Children over 6 months
  • Older Adults/Seniors
  • Those with weakened immune systems
  • Those who come into contact with children
  • Those who are exposed to crowded areas

Please call our medical center to check availability.  For more information about seasonal flu shots or other services we provide, please call us at 703-942-5331.  Visit us and get vaccinated today!