Earwax build up is common for most adults and children but can be irritating to manage. While it may be tempting to use a Q-Tip or cotton swab to clean your ears, you may want to reconsider.

Using a cotton swab to clean your ears may lead to several problems such as impacted earwax, ear drum damage, and even hearing loss if you puncture your inner ear. If you have significant earwax build up you may want to visit Synergy Immediate Care for a quick clean.

Why you shouldn’t use Q-Tips to clean your ears

Did you know that a little bit of wax is actually beneficial for your ears? Earwax helps your ear to prevent water from getting into your ear canal, acts as an antibiotic/anti-viral blocker for diseases, and similar benefits.

Excess earwax may need to be cleaned, but never use a cotton swab to do so. Just a few of the potential implications of using a cotton swab include:

  • Swimmer’s infection
  • Permanent ear drum puncture or damage
  • Hearing loss
  • Issues with balance (from internal ear damage)
  • Broken or stuck q-tip

These are just a few of the potential long-term and immediate problems from trying to self-clean your ear with a q-tip.

Go to Synergy Immediate Care for fast earwax removal

If you’re having trouble with excess earwax, then make sure you visit Synergy Immediate Care for your immediate needs. We’ll make sure that you get care in a few minutes and get your ears cleaned immediately. (Just a quick caveat: Sometimes the earwax is very hard or has built up for so long that multiple visits for cleaning might be necessary.)

Our urgent care and clinical staff can also determine if any impacted earwax will lead to other issues with your hearing or overall health.

Patients interested in our earwax removal and ear cleaning services should use the forms or buttons to make an appointment, or call us directly at 703-942-5331.

It can be very tempting to clean out your earwax with those Q-Tips. But make sure you have the professionals at Synergy Immediate Care do it for you at an affordable rate in just a few minutes. Insurance usually covers this service as well!