Ditch the Q-Tips! How to Safely Clean your Earwax

Earwax build-up can lead to irritating symptoms, such as lowered hearing, but don’t go for that q-tip! Trying to clean your ear at home with a q-tip may lead to more complications with your ear and possibly ear damage.

Thankfully, there are several options for patients to manage earwax build up and get the appropriate treatment option. At Synergy Immediate Care, we’re here to help you understand why you need to take certain precautions when managing wax build-up and how we can help with cleanings!

Why you shouldn’t use a Q-Tip to clean your years

Many individuals may not know that using a q-tip can actually lead to permanent ear damage and other auditory complications.

When patients use a q-tip to clean their ear it pushes the earwax further into the canal, which causes impacted earwax. Patients with impacted earwax may suffer from reduced hearing and other problems including ear drum damage. This is because when patients use q-tips to clean their ears, they can push too far or too hard and end up rupturing the tympanic membrane, leading to damage of the inner part of the ear and hearing mechanism.

If you do try to clean your ears at home don’t use a cotton swab. Instead, use some type of cloth and warm water to clean around the visible part of the ear. Never attempt to clean the inner part of the ear since it can lead to those internal ear problems mentioned above.

A few other tips to help you safely reduce or manage wax build-up include:

  • Every day when you shower, tilt your head to allow warm water to run into the inner part of each ear.
  • Soften the wax with a mixture of mineral oil and baby oil, or hydrogen peroxide. This will help soften the wax to a point where it can be flushed out with warm water.
  • Use warm water to help soften the wax and drain it out the ear by tilting your head downward. Make sure that your ear is fully drained before continuing.
  • Dry your ear canal with a warm cloth or towel to clean any remaining wax on the outer part of your ear. Remember to avoid inserting any type of cotton swab into your ear.

Where can you go to get more thorough earwax cleaning?

The best place to get an updated earwax cleaning is a local immediate care center, where patients don’t need an appointment to get a cleaning. They can simply walk-in to get seen and get safe earwax cleanings.

Urgent care staff have the experience and tools to safely clean your ears and any uncomfortable wax build-up you may have. For patients that may need to get earwax cleanings, Synergy Immediate Care is always here to provide fast, affordable, and convenient service for you!

Learn more about our earwax cleaning services located in Tysons, VA at Synergy Immediate Care for more information!

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