Best Hiking Trails Near Tysons, VA

Before it gets too humid and sweltering outside, going for a hike at one of the nearby trails around Tysons, VA makes for the perfect spring/summer activity. Our close proximity to the Appalachian Trail makes our area a hot spot for outdoor activities. While hiking is healthy for us both physically and emotionally, it’s not without its potential hazards.

This year, health officials are declaring that this year is the worst tick season in years. Ticks cause a number of different illnesses, including Lyme disease, which has become more and more prevalent in recent years.

Also, the heat and humidity in our area make us susceptible to developing heat exhaustion, especially while we’re outdoors exercising. If you’re hiking make sure you take frequent breaks if you’re feeling nauseous or light-headed. It would also be in your best interest to bring more water than you think you would need as this can help ensure that you won’t suffer from dehydration.

If you’re interested in hiking this season, use the below guide to pick the perfect trail:

Billy Goat Trail

Potomac, MD

The Billy Goat trail is a staple for Virginia-Maryland trail-goers. However, be wary of the difficulty of this trail, as trail rating websites agree that this may be one of the toughest trails in the area. This 7.3-mile loop features a waterfall and requires a considerable amount of rock scrambling.


Scott’s Run Nature Preserve Trail

McLean, VA

Scott’s Run Nature Preserve Trail offers visitors an easy-to-navigate 2.5-mile trail.This easier trail makes for a family-friendly hike that is even dog-friendly. There is a diverse fauna that surrounds the trail, including spring Wildflowers and Virginia Blue Bells. If you’re a fan of wildlife and are not looking to exhaust yourself, the Scott’s Run Nature Preserve Trail may be the choice for you.


Great Falls Loop Trail

McLean, VA

This moderately difficult trail offers beautiful scenery and sights of the Potomac River. However, if you’re not a fan of crowds, this may not be the trail for you, as it’s extremely crowded – especially on holiday weekends when they typically charge you an entrance fee. Feel free to bring your dog, except make sure they’re on a leash!


Just remember, hiking can be a dangerous activity if you don’t understand your physical limits. Make sure you’re well hydrated and, if you’re going on a lengthy hike, it’s probably a good idea to bring trail mix or nuts for energy.

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