anxious woman having anxietyAnxiety Treatment Services in Tysons, VA

Anxiety is usually a normal reaction to stress but can manifest into a pathological disorder when someone is under significant amounts of stress. Unlike normal anxiety, an anxiety disorder can lead to heightened feelings of fear and nervousness based on emotional triggers.

Approximately 30 percent of all adults suffer from anxiety disorders, which can decrease their work-life balance, feelings of joy, and sense of security or stability. If you believe you need treatment for anxiety disorders, then come visit Synergy Immediate Care and meet with our psychiatric professionals to get your mental health back on track.

If you’re unsure if feelings of anxiousness or nervousness are the result of extreme anxiety, then evaluate your condition based on key symptoms and a specific anxiety condition:

  • Anxiety that hinders your ability to function or is significant compared to the situation/triggering event
  • General anxiety that persists to normal everyday events such as increased muscle tension, sleeping trouble, and difficulty concentrating
  • Recurrent panic attacks normally associated with panic disorder
  • Specific phobias that result in significant levels of anxiety
  • Anxiety associated with increased social contact (social anxiety disorder) or anxiety associated with feelings of loneliness or solitude (separation anxiety disorder)

If one or several of the previously listed situations applies to your anxiety, make sure to schedule a consultation with our in-house psychiatric specialist. Dr. Adnan Durrani is a licensed psychiatric healthcare professional that can help manage any behavioral and mental health concerns you may have. Derek Russell is a Licensed Professional Counselor who can also help patients through psychotherapy.

Make sure to schedule an appointment online or by phone if you need anxiety treatment. Patients can also visit Synergy Immediate Care in-person if they like at 1980 Gallows Road in Tysons, VA 22182.