seasonal allergy treatment


Seasonal allergies can be troublesome and hard to manage if your allergy symptoms are particularly aggressive. Thankfully, Synergy Immediate Care provides allergy shots to help patients build immunity if other types of treatment don’t work.

What are Seasonal Allergies?

Seasonal allergies including hay fever are allergy symptoms that happen as a result of the spread of certain allergenic triggers during specific seasons. For example, seasonal allergies are highly common in the spring as flowers begin to bloom and spread pollen, spores, and similar types of triggers. Additionally, seasonal allergies happen more during springtime as dry and windy air carries allergy triggers further distances than normal.

How does an Allergy Shot help me manage my seasonal allergies?

An allergy shot is a great way for both patients that are resistant to over-the-counter medications or have other high allergy risks to prevent a future allergic reaction. Patients that are the most likely to benefit from allergy shots include:

  • Patients that don’t see improved symptom relief from over-the-counter medications
  • Patients that are allergic to insect bites
  • Patients that want to reduce the use of long-term over-the-counter medicine use
  • Patients that use multiple medications for treatment and experience debilitating effects

If you are a patient located near or around Tysons Corner, VA, and your allergist has already prescribed a series of allergy shots, then you may want to visit Synergy Immediate Care to have us administer your medication to you. We are open extended hours that may be more convenient than your allergy specialist’s. Alternatively, if you think you need testing, we can also be of help! Interested patients should call us directly at 703-942-5331 or visit in person. We accept walk-in patients during our open hours but also allow patients to book online via our website in advance.