Allergy Season’s Here – Are You Prepared?

Winter is finally over, folks. The birds have returned and the sun’s out, which means you can once again return to your favorite outdoor activities, whether it’s golf, gardening, kayaking or going to the beach. While this is of course great news for everyone who was getting stir crazy from being trapped indoors, this also means allergy season is back. For the 30 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies, the constant sneezing, watery eyes and coughing put a damper on their spring experience.

Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to help reduce your spring allergy symptoms. We at Synergy Immediate Care prepared this helpful guide to help get you through the spring with minimal allergy symptoms.


Be Mindful of the Pollen Count Outside

Pollen stands as the number one trigger for allergy symptoms. Its presence is especially noticeable on patio furniture, lakes, and you may even see it suspended in the air. You can also check the National Allergy Map, which provides users with an up-to-date count of the pollen outside.

If you’re susceptible to seasonal allergies, refer to this map to decide how to plan your day. If the pollen count’s especially high, limit the time you spend outdoors or take an antihistamine prior to going outside.


Improve the Quality of the Air Inside Your House

If the quality of the air outside is bad, there’s no sense staying indoors if the quality of the air inside your house is bad too. Ways to reduce the allergens inside your house include:

  • Keeping your windows closed

  • Running your dehumidifier

  • Turning your air conditioner on

There are also a number of plants that can help improve the air quality inside your house and reduce a number of allergens. Plants like Areca palm, Mums, Bamboo palm and Gerbera daisies can remove dangerous chemicals from the air that exacerbate allergy symptoms. At the same time, when properly cared for, these plants won’t increase the pollen count inside your house either.


See the Doctor

In order to confront your allergies, you’ll first need to understand them. Visiting the doctor’s office can help provide you with the knowledge you need to yourself and the extent of your symptoms, so you can effectively combat them.

At Synergy Immediate Care in Tysons, VA, our team of board-certified physicians can help provide you with the care you need to successfully achieve long-term relief. We can provide you with a blood test to diagnose your allergies and even prescribe you with medication, including antihistamines to reduce your symptoms.

Visit us during our extensive hours between Monday and Saturday – no appointment necessary!
We look forward to helping you enjoy fewer allergy symptoms this spring!

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