5 Ways To Age Gracefully

Who doesn’t want the fountain of youth?  If you think it’s too late to reinvent yourself, think again!

September is Healthy Aging Month, dedicated to providing inspirational and practical ways for adults to improve their health, physically, mentally, socially, and even financially.

As we age, some of us tend to want to get back our youthful glow and relive the glory days of when we were in our prime.

While we can never be 29 one more time, there are five ways you can age gracefully.

  1. Age intentionally: Become more aware of your fundamental beliefs and make the conscious effort to reflect on your behavior and environment.  Now that you’re older and wiser, you’ve learned from life experiences and know better now than you did then.

  2. Stop complaining: No one likes Negative Nancy.  When you catch yourself talking negatively, learn to catch yourself and change the dialog to something positive.  While you may not have the moves like you used to, you still can move and you have your health.

  3. Get your body moving: Speaking of having some moves, having a regular exercise routine provides a number of mental and physical benefits, from keeping a fit physique to learning a disciplinary skill.  Join your local gym, or sign up for a dance or spin class, and get your body moving!

  4. Change your diet: Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet and cutting processed foods, which can be high in sodium and carbs, not only controls your weight, but also combats diseases, boosts your energy levels, and improves longevity.

  5. Visit your doctor: Your doctor is your go-to to assist you to manage your overall health and make suggestions for aging successfully.  Make time for your annual physical and regular health screenings to ensure that you’re in good health through a doctor’s eye.

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