3 Weight Loss Tips to Get You Ready For Summer

Now that winter’s over, it’s time to shed that winter weight. With the weather improving every single day, it’s soon going to be too hot outside, making it the ideal time to visit your local beach or lake. Before heading to your favorite swimming spot, you’re going to want to make sure you fit into your bathing suit.

The below tips will help ensure that you won’t need to size up your bathing attire this summer and will impress next time you’re at the beach.

Make Exercise Enjoyable 

Although the number one excuse for skipping workouts is time, in reality, it’s because we would rather be doing something else. But this doesn’t have to be the case, as getting exercise should be an activity that we look forward to. Here are a few ways you can enjoy working out:

  • Find a Friend to Work Out With: Having an active friend committed to exercising will help motivate you into working out. You will also be able to participate in fun exercise activities like pickup basketball, tennis, canoeing and more!

  • Exercise for Only 30 Minutes a Day: You will be much more inclined to workout if it only takes half-an-hour out of your day. Instead of slowly moving from machine to machine at your gym, run or bike for 30 minutes. Often, you’ll burn the same amount of calories and end up having much more time in your day for more enjoyable activities.

  • Don’t Do the Same Workout Every day: By mixing up your exercise routine, it’ll definitely reduce the monotony of your workouts. You’ll also end up working out a more diverse set of muscles as well!

Improve Your Diet Without Breaking the Bank

It’s no myth that healthier foods are generally more expensive. A family of four will have a much easier time feeding their family at a fast food joint than at an organic grocery store. But this doesn’t have to be the case, as there are healthy and high-quality foods out there that aren’t expensive. Try the following dietary tips:

  • Limit Your Red Meat Consumption: While undeniably delicious, red meat is high in calories and expensive. There are also significant data that suggests red meat is highly linked to heart disease. Therefore, try cutting out red meat for a week – this will save you money and unnecessary, empty calories.

  • Buy Chicken: Chicken is both good for you and extremely cheap – especially if you buy an entire chicken at your grocery store. If it’s too much food for you, save some for later in the week and try different recipes, like chicken salad, pasta dishes with chicken or others.

  • Increase Your Vegetable Consumption: While we’re not going to tell you to go vegetarian, at least try to make meatless of the main course and more of a complementary dish. Center your meals around healthy fruits and vegetables. Maintaining a Mediterranean diet is proven to help improve longevity, and they’re largely based on vegetables, olive oil, seafood and yes, even red wine!

Get Motivated

Finding the motivation to commit yourself to a serious workout plan is extremely tough. If you’re not motivated, you’re not going to see any improvement. Therefore, you need to find motivation in the form of different emotions you either seek or abandon. You can find motivation in the despair or dread that you currently feel or the proactive, can-do feeling you aspire to achieve. You may also find motivation in the following:

  • The Feeling You Get After You Workout: Addiction is never a good thing – except when it’s an addiction to a healthy activity. For many, working out is an”addiction”, or more specifically, an addiction to the endorphin release achieved after a workout. Many call this a runner’s high, as after a workout, you’ll enjoy a healthy feeling of euphoria. For many, feeling this emotion is enough to convince them into working out.

  • The Rewards of Maintaining a Healthy Diet & Workout Routine: As you second-guess yourself on the way to the gym, just think about the rewards of being healthy. While long terms goals like living a longer life are not as palpable, think about having a slimmer waistline or being able to fit into smaller clothes. This may give you the extra push you need!

  • The Feeling of Accomplishment: One of the worst feelings you may experience on a daily basis is laziness. The feeling can only be described as the opposite of accomplished. It’s knowing you should have done something productive but didn’t. Eliminate this feeling altogether by working out every day, whether it’s just doing sit-ups or pull-ups or taking a quick jog. You’ll also find it much easier to sleep at night, giving you more time in the morning to workout again!

For more health tips, follow along with our blog. At Synergy Immediate Care, we offer weight loss counseling, and if necessary, medication. Visit us or call us at 703-942-5331 for more information. We look forward to helping you lose the winter weight and enjoy your summer in great shape!

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