3 Easy Tips For a Healthy Summer

Rejoice; summer’s on the horizon, folks! While the beginning of summer ushers in the arrival of beach days, camping and eating outside, it also means that sunburns, bug bites and summer injuries are back as well.

Follow the below tips so you can enjoy a healthy and low-stress summer:

Exercise Outdoors

With the weather finally looking nicer, it’s time for you to begin exercising outdoors again. Instead of just sticking to your normal exercise routine, whether it be jogging or riding your bicycle, try something new, like kayaking, hiking or swimming. Although these activities may be too time-consuming during the week, try to at least reserve your weekends for these fun outdoor adventures.

However, as we know, it can get pretty humid during the summer in Virginia. Therefore, try to refrain from any extreme exercises from noon until about 5:30. This period during the day is typically the warmest part, making it potentially dangerous to exercise during this time.

Go on Vacation

There’s no shame in taking a vacation from work. In fact, it’s proven to help reduce stress and your risk of developing heart disease. By reducing your stress levels, you’ll eventually return to work well-rested and more productive than ever!

While traveling is healthy for the mind and spirit, don’t feel as though you need to spend a fortune to go somewhere exotic. If you don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of money, try going on day trips or camping, as you’ll save a hefty amount of money. You can also try a “stay-cation”, in which you simply take vacation time, but stay at home, where you can enjoy sleeping in your own bed and spending more time with your family.

Get Plenty of Sleep

During the winter, it’s hard to find the energy and motivation to workout. While we may feel lethargic, many of us still find it difficult to fall asleep during the winter, perhaps due to the fact that we have all this reserved energy. Yet, once it’s summer, we feel naturally more invigorated and energetic, making it easier for us to convince ourselves to get some exercise. People who have trouble falling asleep often find that they have a better night’s rest when they workout that day.

By sticking to a regular workout regiment this summer, you will have an easier time sleeping this summer, which will result in you having more energy during the day. To maximize your energy, try going to bed at the same time every night, as this will minimize the amount of time it takes you to fall asleep every night.

Lastly, make sure you have a medical resource for your family that you can access on a walk-in basis for all summer-related health needs. Feel free to visit us at Synergy Immediate Care or call us at 703-942-5331.

We look forward to helping you enjoy a laid-back and stress-free summer!

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